Plexus Executives


The Plexus management team, with more than 60 years of direct selling industry experience, is committed to developing proven products that are created as real solutions for modern health problems. In addition, their industry experience has helped create a proven system that provides the Plexus Ambassadors with everything they need to succeed.

  • Tarl Robinson
    Chief Executive Officer

    Tarl Robinson was born, raised and educated in Washington State. Tarl is a successful and experienced entrepreneur who brings extensive business knowledge to Plexus.

    In 1999, while attending Pacific Lutheran University, Tarl became a distributor in a network marketing company. He built a large organization — specializing in nutritional and weight loss products — which continued to earn him a substantial income for 8 years. Also while at University, he spent two successful seasons as a franchisee for College Pro Painters.

    Tarl relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2002 in order to manage an excavating business and utilize his business skills. Here, Tarl gained an essential understanding of the financing and accounting aspects of thriving business.

    Though his network marketing business continued to grow, Tarl felt that he needed to further expand his business expertise. So, in 2004, Tarl became a trust manager, working with several multi-million dollar trusts and their entities. Even today Tarl continues that work, gaining substantial experience with multiple corporations.

    In 2005, Tarl became a licensed realtor in the state of Arizona. Focusing on housing development, land speculation, and commercial real estate, Tarl has found much success in his real estate endeavors.

    Today, Tarl is a shareholder in Plexus and the Chief Executive Officer. His goal is to cultivate Plexus to its full potential as the widespread and flourishing business that he knows it can be.

  • Alfred Pettersen
    International President

    Alfred Pettersen is a true entrepreneur and brings with him an extensive background in both business and in network marketing. Alfred's first job out of University was as a principal and teacher. Two years later, the call of business captured him and never let go. During his diversified business career, Alfred has started, owned and operated over 15 different businesses including tourist attractions, a weekly newspaper, a large moving and storage company, a 10 room private school for children age 3 to second grade, an industrial plastics company which was franchised, an innovative storm window company, a business for the storage and retrieval of inactive records, and most recently a marketing-advertising company.

    Alfred is indeed passionate about the Plexus mission! He strongly feels that under his leadership the mission to save and enrich lives around the world through early detection will be fully realized, and a higher standard based on contribution, kindness, and corporate support will have been established for the network marketing industry.


  • Alec Clark
    Chief Marketing Officer

    Alec has been driving innovation within the Network Marketing Industry for over 19 years, and focuses on expanding growth, business development, global marketing, branding, sales, recognition, communication and events. He is also responsible for developing a category-leading brand that will dominate for years, and best serve the needs of the growing base of Plexus Ambassadors and customers.

    He has served in an advisory role to Plexus since January 2011.

    "Our products have changed the lives of thousands of people to date, and this is just the beginning," Alec said. "Plexus is poised and ready for rapid growth, and I'm excited to be part of it."

    Over the years he has built a reputation of trust and is able to build integrity-based relationships with Ambassadors regardless of race, religion, creed, or social-economic position. He is well versed in the sales, branding and marketing lifecycle. He is an excellent presenter and communicator with presentations numbering in the hundreds at Ambassador meetings and conventions in the United States, Japan, Canada, and Southeast Asia.

    Throughout his career, he has created business development, marketing, retention, sales, recognition and branding programs for multiple companies that have resulted in incredible success and increased revenue for each. His big picture strategy has allowed him to navigate broad cultural differences in achieving brand recognition and a global presence throughout the world.

    He is an avid golfer and loves spending quality time with his family. Alec and his wife Trish are the proud parents of five boys ( ages 20, 17, 14, 12, & 9).